Fostering really isn’t there to fulfil the needs of the carer. It’s about helping children, who have for a multitude of different reasons had a difficult start in life

Foster parent

Are you ready?

Being assessed to become an foster carer can be quite intense, so you need to know that are ready to start it.

To consider fostering you need to:

  • Be over the age of 21.
  • Be a resident in the United Kingdom.
  • Have a spare room.
  • Have been a non-smoker for at least 6 months (this includes e-cigarettes) if you wish to foster children under 5.
  • Have the time and energy to commit to the fostering process.
  • Be ready to be honest and open about your life experiences!

"Get in contact, there’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain. You could gain a new family!"

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