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Andrew and Ben have adopted 2 children

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Andrew and Ben have adopted 2 children. They adopted their first son 4 years ago when he was just 3 years old and their daughter joined the family last year when she was 18 months old. The family enjoy an active family life, with both children enjoying an outdoor lifestyle.

Ben says: “Our family is the most important thing in the world to us. When we adopted our son, everything changed. Becoming parents overnight is a little daunting, but we had fantastic support from our social worker. We were in love with him from the moment we met. There have been challenges – being a parent is challenging – but we deal with everything together as a family. We always knew that we wanted more than one child, and as soon as we felt the time was right we approached the adoption agency again to be assessed for a second child. Our daughter came home last year and we now feel like a complete family unit. Live is exhausting, wonderful, fun and everything we could ever have wished for!”

Steve and Donna have been fostering for 10 years.

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Fostering has its ups and downs but definitely more ups! The children become part of the family – and that is so rewarding. We always like to make sure the children go to bed joyful and wake up cheerful. We share tears and laughter mostly laughter in our house hold. We put our heart and soul into fostering and the best reward is the children, as they grow up and achieve so much along the way.

The support we have from Cornwall social services is always first class. We have 24/7 cover and we count them as our extended family, and a big one at that! We can honestly say this is one of our life’s achievements. Our aim is that each child we raise they do their best at school, respect others, and relish life to the full and stay happy.


Debbie has been a foster carer for 1 year

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Debbie has been a foster carer for one year. She cares for two sisters who live with her permanently. Debbie says:

Being a foster carer is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the world. To be there when a 14 year old learns to ride a bike for the first time is an amazing experience, to get a hug for helping them is humbling.

There are teenagers in care that need adults they can trust, that will listen to their views and opinions with respect, and will communicate with them on their level. My 15 year old foster daughter tells me it is important to have an adult to talk to.

Debbie values the support she gets from the fostering service, and finds the ongoing training available to all foster carers to be extremely helpful. Like all Cornwall Council foster carers, Debbie is treated with great respect and considered to be a professional. Her views are very much taken into consideration when decisions are being made.


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Toby is 22 years old and came into foster care when he was 12 years old. He stayed with his foster carers until he left home at the age of 19.

“My foster parents are amazing and I love them to bits. When I first moved in with them, I was not in a good way. I know that I was not the easiest teenager at times, and I sometimes treated them badly, but they never stopped caring for me and never let me down. They knew my background and why I behaved the way I did and they really helped me to get through it. I left home 3 years ago, but I still call them all the time – they are still who I turn to when I need to talk to someone”.

Siobhan is a single adopter with one child

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The funny thing is that I thought I would not be able to adopt as I am single, but how wrong I was! My social worker was brilliant and took me through the assessment process at my own pace. She also helped me to really think about what sort of child I wanted. Millie has been with me now for 3 years – she was 5 when she arrived. I have never looked back, and cannot imagine my life without her. That’s not to say that there aren’t any challenges – there are – but you always know that your social worker is there to help you. I love my daughter, and my life is so much happier for having her in it.

Laura and Claire have adopted two children

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We always knew we wanted children, and we always knew that we wanted more than one. We adopted Emily about 2 years ago, and we’ll never forget the day we first met her. We were really nervous, but everything just felt right, we can’t explain it really, it just all ‘clicked’. She knew who we were as she has seen photographs, but to hear her say ‘Mummy’ was just incredible. Now, we’ve adopted our second child, Poppy, and our two daughters get on brilliantly. Of course there’s the normal sibling rivalry, but that happens in all families. We really cannot imagine our lives without our girls, and we just love them so much!

Nick and Sarah have three adopted children

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We have three children, all adopted. They are inquisitive, curious, argumentative, energetic bundles of mischief. They are also beautiful, angelic, adorable and can even be well-behaved at times! They are just like any other children and their moods and needs change with the wind direction. What doesn’t change, though, is our love for them. Before we adopted, I admit that I was not sure how I would take to the role of adoptive father. We were both nervous about doing the right things and looking after them properly but, as each of our children came into our lives and added their own colour and character to our family life, it became the most natural thing in the world to be their forever mummy and daddy. We couldn’t love our three gorgeous little ones more and helping them to grow, develop and tackle the challenges that life brings is the most joyful and rewarding experience of both of our lives.

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