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Top 10 family friendly films featuring fostering and adoption

Lots of us have no doubt seen and enjoyed last year’s box office hit, Instant Family, which dealt with the US foster care adoption process with great style and humour. The film was based on the true life experience of director Sean Anders, who was quoted as saying: “Adopting our kids was the best thing that’s ever happened to us.” That certainly came across in the film and is something that will strike a chord with many of you.

Instant Family was a box office hit wherever it played and is a great movie for any family with fostered or adopted children, but it’s certainly not the first family friendly film to share the topic!

Here are a few of our favourites and you might be surprised by one or two of them

1.Meet the Robinsons – Lewis, a brilliant young inventor goes on a wacky adventure to discover who he is and meet his loving, forever family.

2. Secondhand Lions – a funny, must-see movie about adoption within families.

3. Stuart Little – The adorable little mouse who finds his forever home with the Little family

4. Martian Child – Not so well known but a beautiful and heart-warming tale about how adoption can affect both parent and child

5. Lilo & Stitch – the tale of siblings in the care system who look like they might end up getting separated but stay together in the end

6. Kung Fu Panda – Po, the panda, is raised by his adoptive father My Ping, the goose! A lovely story showing how an adopted son goes on to become a hero.

7. Annie – The quintessential, old school rags to riches story about adoption with a happy, happy ending. Come on, we can all join in with the songs!

8. Despicable Me – Gru’s hilarious quest to become simultaneously the best villain AND the best dad to his three adopted girls.

9. The Blind Side – For older children, this story is a truly heartwarming one about transracial adoption with a fantastic ending.

10. Tarzan. Tarzan? Yes, Tarzan, who loses his parents and is lovingly parented by Kala the gorilla. As she famously says in the film: “I’m your mother. I know everything. Now, where have you been?”

All of these movies are great examples of the diversity of modern family life and, as the Meet the Robinsons catchline has it: ” If you think your family’s different, wait til you meet the family of the future!”

What do you think? Let us know your favourite and maybe you know some we could add to the list?

Source: www.thenextfamily.com. Thanks to Michael Cramer for featured photos.

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