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Employee Referral Scheme

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Referrals have long been one of the most successful ways of recruiting foster carers across the UK and our own amazing carers in Cornwall have certainly played their part. Now it’s your turn – if you refer a family member or a friend to the Fostering Team and they go on to care for a child, you will receive a payment of £450 straight into your bank account.

Every 20 minutes a child comes into care in the UK and, with a national shortage of carers, the Fostering Team has been reaching out into communities across Cornwall to find new carers.

As Cornwall Council employees come from every nook and cranny of the county, it’s worth playing to our strengths, so we’re asking everyone to ask their friends and family members if they’ve thought about caring for a child.

Children who come into care come from all walks of life, so we’re looking for carers to match – if your friends and family members are over 21 and ready to take on a challenge, they can find out more by calling the Fostering Team on 01872 323 638 or enquire from this website.

If you refer a friend or family members, just make sure they mention your name when they enquire and if they go on to become a foster carer and take their first child placement, the money will automatically be paid into you bank account.

National Adoption Week 2019

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The focus of this year’s National Adoption Week is on those children who wait longer to find their forever families; children with disability, older children and, in particular, sibling groups. Cornwall is no exception to this, with 5 groups of two and 1 sibling group of three currently waiting for us to find them a loving home.

We’re working with other regional and voluntary agencies to support the good work of National Adoption Week, so watch this space for more news and updates, but thought it might be a good idea to do a bit of mythbusting while we were about it as well.

So who can and can’t adopt? Plenty of myths here, but whatever you may have heard of read, it’s fair to say that the default position today is – assume you can!

Here’s what you need to know:

The adoption process can prepare you for becoming an adopter within as little as six months

There are children who need a new, permanent family now

Anyone over 21 can adopt and there is no upper age limit

LGTQ+ and intersex people can adopt

Single people can adopt

Adopters can be of any religion or none

Disabled people can adopt

Adopters will be fully trained before the child is placed

Adopters are supported throughout the process and beyond

If you’ve been thinking about adoption, now’s the time to get in touch. We have two informal drop-ins arranged across National Adoption Week:

Falmouth Park Family Hub – Park Terrace TR11 2DJ – Thursday October 17th: 1pm – 4pm

Trenance Children’s Centre, Trenance Road Newquay TR7 2LU – Friday October 18th: 1pm – 4pm

So feel free to drop over and see us for an informal, discreet chat to answer any questions you might have about adopting, otherwise you can call us on 01872 322 200 to find out more or visit www.adoptincornwall.


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Toby is 22 years old and came into foster care when he was 12 years old. He stayed with his foster carers until he left home at the age of 19.

“My foster parents are amazing and I love them to bits. When I first moved in with them, I was not in a good way. I know that I was not the easiest teenager at times, and I sometimes treated them badly, but they never stopped caring for me and never let me down. They knew my background and why I behaved the way I did and they really helped me to get through it. I left home 3 years ago, but I still call them all the time – they are still who I turn to when I need to talk to someone”.

Siobhan is a single adopter with one child

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The funny thing is that I thought I would not be able to adopt as I am single, but how wrong I was! My social worker was brilliant and took me through the assessment process at my own pace. She also helped me to really think about what sort of child I wanted. Millie has been with me now for 3 years – she was 5 when she arrived. I have never looked back, and cannot imagine my life without her. That’s not to say that there aren’t any challenges – there are – but you always know that your social worker is there to help you. I love my daughter, and my life is so much happier for having her in it.

Nick and Sarah have three adopted children

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We have three children, all adopted. They are inquisitive, curious, argumentative, energetic bundles of mischief. They are also beautiful, angelic, adorable and can even be well-behaved at times! They are just like any other children and their moods and needs change with the wind direction. What doesn’t change, though, is our love for them. Before we adopted, I admit that I was not sure how I would take to the role of adoptive father. We were both nervous about doing the right things and looking after them properly but, as each of our children came into our lives and added their own colour and character to our family life, it became the most natural thing in the world to be their forever mummy and daddy. We couldn’t love our three gorgeous little ones more and helping them to grow, develop and tackle the challenges that life brings is the most joyful and rewarding experience of both of our lives.

"Get in contact, there’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain. You could gain a new family!"

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